Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats – PS4

Fresh PS4 Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats – come get ’em!

Those among you with deductive abilities greater than that of your typical FIB agent might have clicked to this page with eyebrows pre-raised. Yes, Red Dead Redemption 2 has not yet been released, therefore we couldn’t possibly know the cheats for it. However, this page will, upon the release of RDR2, be updated with the actual cheats for the game. In the meanwhile however, we’ll collect some of our favorite cheats from the original Red Dead Redemption that we hope will make a comeback in the upcoming sequel to tide us all over. And if you’re looking for the Xbox One cheats, click here.

PS4 RDR2 Cheats

Diplomatic Immunity

This is how you get off the hook if you’ve been a bad boy. No more wanted levels to worry about.

I Wish I Worked For Uncle Same
Jack Attack
If you’re not playing the game because you want to play, this cheat will play it for you. You’ll be propelled to 72% completion with all story missions taken care of, and you’ll also be morphed into Jack Marston.
Oh My Son, My Blessed Son
Old School
Red Dead Redemption isn’t Instagram, but this Sepia filter will make you forget that.
The Old Ways Is The Best Ways
Because, you know, seeing things clearly and walking in a straight line is for wimps. Next round is on the house.
I’m Drunk As A Skunk And Twice As Smelly
Imagine a world where you can get famous without doing something embarrassing on camera or releasing a sex-tape. This cheat makes that world real and boosts your fame.
I Am One Of Them Famous Fellas
Good Guy
To hell with being a good samaritan – you can always force people to like you with this cheat that boosts your honor rating.
It Aint Pride. It’s Honor
Sharp Dressed Man
Do you want to look good, but don’t have the cash for a fine suit? This cheat adds the Gentleman’s Attire, Legend of the West, Rancher and Elegant Suit to your outfits.
Don’t You Look Fine And Dandy
Walking through the wilderness is dangerous business. This spawns a four legged beast of burden to get you where you’re going quicker.
Beasts And Man Together
Life wasn’t always as easy as calling a nice yellow cad to get you someplace. Instead, you had to spawn coaches and wagons with this cheat.
Now Who Put That There?
Summons $500 from the freaking ether every time you use it. Man, that place must have great GDP.
The Root Of All Evil, We Thank You!

As we get closer to the release of RDR2, which cheats from the original Red Dead Redemption do you hope make a return in the sequel?

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