4 Red Dead Redemption 2 Storylines We Wouldn’t Mind

With the anticipation for Red Dead Redemption 2 increasing it’s only natural that the number of rumors about the game increase also. And one of the most popular RDR 2 rumors in circulation concerns what the main storyline will be. It's like every Rockstar, GTA and of course Red Dad fan is racking their brains, pouring over the one minute trailer frame by frame, and searching for any hidden meanings that can be ascertained.

So let's tackle a few of them here, shall we? We'll cover the likely ones, along with some others that may not be probable, but will possibly be covered by Rockstar Games in future installments of the series... We can only hope.

A Sequel to Red Dead Redemption

With the way Red Dead Redemption left off (no spoilers coming up, by the way), there were many teary-eyed fans who still wanted to see the next chapter in John Marston’s legacy. Now, I personally wouldn’t mind this, and it is possible, although rather unlikely.

Red Dead Redemption is set in 1911 during the decline of the American Old West and it’s hard to imagine RDR2, a Western game of course, set in The Roaring Twenties as a sequel. Indeed, even in the trailer we see herds of buffalo. Buffalo that are not on the verge of extinction. We’re also shown more Old West landscapes and less developed cities. These observations lead me to believe that a direct sequel isn’t quite as likely.

There are still some decent options here, however, as there is still the hanging question of Jack Marston – what did he do next and where did he go? From the trailer it doesn’t seem likely that RDR 2 will cover those questions. Instead we look to still be in the thick of things in the Old West, but of course the Jack Marston storyline could be picked up in the future as DLC of some sort. Until then, we’ll leave it right here.

A Possible Prequel

Let’s take a full 180° here and consider the possibility that instead of moving forward in the story of the Marston legacy, we’re actually jumping back. There has already been several rumors about the number of protagonists that RDR2 will have, and the number three is a popular one in those debates.

If true, I would guess that we could be in store for the story of John Marston’s original gang and Marston becoming partners with Dutch Vanderlin, Bill Williamson and his Old Gang. It would certainly be an interesting direction to turn and I’m sure many would love to re-experience the joy once more of playing as the fastest draw in the West: John Marston.

So long as Rockstar Games doesn’t butcher the franchise with terrible prequels as badly as George Lucas, the prospect is promising.


Something, Something, The Magnificent Seven?

If you’ve seen the promo image for RDR2 that has the seven cowpokes lined up in a row in front of a blood red sunset, and if you are familiar with the classic film The Magnificent Seven, you’ll see what I’m getting at here.

Judging by the trailer, it seems that the story may revolve around the same gang of seven we see riding across the plains together. I don’t think Rockstar is planning on doing a direct storyline that perfectly mirrors The Magnificent Seven, but we may see an original story that’s loosely inspired by it.

Perhaps some sort of standoff to protect an Indian settlement? Although, if Rockstar is going to be true to history it’ll be the other way around, but hopefully not.

Alternatively, there has been talk about a story incorporating multiple perspectives. Given the numbers it would be quite an ambitious project, but still possible that Rockstar is intent on telling the story of this group of seven.

This could be an interesting spin on the same type of storytelling Rockstar has experimented with before, but on a larger scale. I’m actually all for this and think it would make for a very interesting game if you took turns playing each character in a group.

Imagine moving throughout the game, continuing to interact with the characters you previously played as. Like I said, an ensemble cast of main characters would certainly be an ambitious undertaking, but given how long RDR2 has been in production, perhaps not completely out of the realm of possibility.

A Native American Protagonist

If we’re going backward into the 1800’s it wouldn’t surprise me if the Native American culture clash with the early settlers plays a big role. Already in the RDR 2 trailer we get a glimpse of what could be a couple of American Indians rowing a canoe and it looks like one or two of the members of the seven-man gang dress in attire that evokes Native American design.

This would be a great move by Rockstar Games in my personal opinion, as I would love to see a more diverse protagonist adopted in the Red Dead franchise. Given the nature of more recent events in the world today, this could be a masterful choice by Rockstar to deliver the same Western action-adventure that we all loved from RDR with a modern day relevance that we don’t see often enough in video games.

Final Word

Although the directions that Rockstar Games can take for Red Dead Redemption 2 vary in both nature and style, in the end, only one may be chosen, and it may not even be one that is present on this list. Who knows, maybe Rockstar will come out with something so well-crafted that it incorporates elements of all these theories.

And remember, these are all merely theories. Nothing has yet been confirmed in regards to the storyline other than what Rockstar has released (which is not much). But we don’t have to wait around to be spoon fed. We can use our imaginations. Even if, in the end, they lead us in the wrong direction, the journey itself is the reward.

What did you think? Do any theories seem more likely than the others? Let us know or post your own theory on what story you’d like to see Rockstar bring to Red Dead Redemption 2.


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