5 Ambient Challenges We Want to See in RDR2

Red Dead Redemption featured four ambient challenges—side quests with 10 levels of increasing difficulty that were required in order to achieve 100% completion and obtain the “Legend of the West” outfit for Marston to don. Hunting rare animals, following treasure maps, picking flowers, and mastering your marksmanship were welcome distractions that beefed up the core game.

Knowing Rockstar’s penchant for side quests, we’re likely to see the return of ambient challenges in Red Dead Redemption 2. And with 7 potential playable characters in store, we might see challenges that are unique to each one.

While we only have the announcement trailer (and our imagination) to go on, here are some challenges we’d like to see in RDR2.

  1. More Horsin’ Around
    You could “upgrade” your horse in Red Dead Redemption by taming wild horses and buying deeds, but we’d like to see a more rewarding approach to riding your hoofed companion. How about rodeos that require your stallion to pass through obstacle courses, unlocking new maneuvers for your horse to perform? Completing horse specific challenges would naturally lead to a stallion with enhanced stamina and mobility—the Mustang of the Wild West.
  2. Tippy Canoe
    We saw a glimpse of a canoe skirting across a misty lake in the RDR2 trailer, leading us to imagine a variety of fishing and racing challenges. Races could lead to stronger canoes, which in turn will allow you to access more turbulent rivers. Surely there’ll be a treasure hunt along the way that requires the sturdiest of canoes to reach.
  3. Camping, Survival, and Kumbaya
    Camping looks important in RDR2, a possible way to save your experience while bonding with members of your gang (not unlike Final Fantasy XV). Whether it’s obtaining new quests at a campfire, fending off would-be bandits, or just cooking up the best batch of beans, here’s hoping surviving in the Wild West is challenging—and rewarding.
  4. Red Dead Harvest Moon
    Will a mini Stardew Valley be tucked away in Rockstar’s next epic? While we don’t expect a dating sim to be included in RDR2, we would like to see a little farm management thrown into the mix. Harvesting the best crops could be a relaxing way to make money, earn rare crafting supplies, and build your gang’s stronghold.
  5. Crazy Train
    It’s more than likely RDR2 will feature the largest landmass Rockstar has ever created. We know there’s a train to help shuttle you across the country, and likely multiple train depots with passengers boarding and departing. Here’s hoping you can take the conductors seat and perform train related challenges, like transporting passengers and valuables, all while soaking in the scenery.

Hopefully there’ll be a wide array of fun and rewarding challenges to perform throughout Red Dead Redemption 2. What types of quests and rewards would you like to see?


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