Red Dead Online: How To Improve On GTA

Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to have a multiplayer mode similar to GTA Online - we know this since it has been plastered all over the reveal press material. Now, seeing as GTA Online is one of the most popular multiplayer games currently, and serves as one of Take-Two's biggest financial pillars, chances are Rockstar is making the right decision taking it as the template of RDR2's multiplayer.


Now, the reason for GTA Online's popularity is quite simple: it's a really really good game. Plenty of content, a massive playerbase, free DLC, and a mindboggling amount of things to do. That said, GTA Online isn't perfect - nothing really is - and there is always room for improvement. I'm sure we all have lists as long as out legs about GTA Online features we want to see return in Red Dead Online, but what are some things we'd rather forget?

Peer-to-peer server architecture

Rockstar probably saved themselves a lot of cash and the stress of a crappy launch-day with the decision to use a peer-to-peer server architecture. Instead of having a massive serverpark running 24/7 in one of Rockstar's basements, the devs "outsourced" the serving of GTA Online to the players.


However, there are a few issues here. Due to the server setup, anyone's connection is really only as good as the person's with the poorest internet. Players can tamper - willingly and otherwise - with the stability of any given lobby, leading to random kicks, DCs and crashes being more frequent.

Plus there was that long-standing and rather prominent issue of hacking and cheating in GTA Online, which was made so easy due to the P2P architecture.

Now, GTA Online made more than enough profits to have made a dev-run server perfectly viable from a budgetary point of view. Hopefully in the case of Red Dead Online, Rockstar will opt for this to avoid a similar hacking debacle, while also leading to more stable lobbies.

Short Notice on New Content

When it comes to GTA Online, some DLCs are announced the day they're released, while others are only revealed a few days before launch. While on the one hand, this drives community discussion via speculation, it also lends grounds to rumors and encourages people to leak any info they datamine from the files due to the demand.

If Rockstar announced upcoming Red Dead Online DLC earlier, with longer notice before launch, players would have more concrete info to discuss instead of seeking out leaks, which in turn hurt the devs.

Weapon Wheel

Oh dear lord, the weapon wheel. If there's anything profoundly wrong with GTA Online, it is the accursed weapon wheel. Instead of allowing players to select smaller loadouts, or even designate favorite weapons, the weapon wheel always contains every single weapon you own. You can't sell weapons which you don't use anymore.


This means that every time you play, you must scroll through all the weapons in each category until you reach your preferred gun. Now, we suspect that in a wild west setting with a lower level of technological progress, there will be a narrower range of weaponry, but this issue will still be present.

Red Dead Online should allow players to deposit weapons into a locker, thus only carrying those pieces which they most frequently use.

Which GTA Online features do you hope Red Dead Online leaves behind?


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