Red Dead Redemption 2 Fans Concerned Over Multiple Protagonists

Some time ago we ran a story about an unconfirmed leak regarding Rockstar's upcoming open-world Wild West title, Red Dead Redemption 2. Not much about the game is known, as official news is scarce so far away from release. However countless rumors have already been circulating and a major leak has already sprung.

It's important to keep in mind that any info coming from a source other than Rockstar Games should be considered suspect and regarded with a pinch of salt. Or a mound. That said, this particular information comes from a leaker who has proven in the past to be a legitimate source of information. This is after they accurately predicted the content and release date of several GTA Online updates prior to their announcement.

Since it is difficult to keep track of user identities on 4Chan (due to the site's unorthodox user system) the leaker's identity has been confirmed via the tripcodes of his or her posts, proving that this Red Dead Redemption 2 leak came from the same source as those GTA leaks that turned out to be true. Based on those leaks, as well as this one, the source likely has access to Rockstar internal communications, meaning he might even be an employee gone rogue.

The leak in question possibly revealed a few details about the upcoming release. For one, Red Dead Online will be launching with a delay compared to the main game, much like in the case of GTA, in order to allow Rockstar to prepare the servers for the massive load. This also ensures that early adopters play the singleplayer portion of the game as well.


The main revelation, however, was that the game will feature 3 protagonists, all from John Marston's (the protagonist of the original Red Dead Redemption) former gang. John himself, however, will not be among them. This detail also confirms that the game will indeed be a prequel to 2010's RDR.

So how did fans take to this news? Not well, apparently. The mere possibility that the upcoming title will feature three different protagonists has garnered a pretty passionate negative response from the majority of players. Only a tiny fraction of commenters across various sites have expressed positive reactions.

Those who disapprove this choice generally fall into two categories. Some say they outright disliked the system in GTA 5 and don't want to see it return. Others think that the system worked well enough in GTA as an experiment, but maybe Rockstar shouldn't bring over that mechanic to Red Dead Redemption 2. Nonetheless, the negative reactions are overwhelming.

The most commonly cited reason is that players don't feel they can identify with multiple main characters and they don't feel engaged when the plot's focus is divided into so many pieces. This is a valid concern, as GTA 5's route diluted the plotlines of the individual characters in order to fit all three of them into the game.

That said, there is a valid argument to be had in favor of multiple protagonists. Pretty much every praised work of modern Wild West fiction is centered around multiple main characters. The best known example would be The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. A more recent example reinforcing this stance would be The Hateful Eight.

Regardless of how the community feels, with Red Dead Redemption 2 releasing in late 2017, actual development of the game is probably about done by now, meaning no amount of complaining will change what system is implemented. We just have to wait and see - and hope that Rockstar crafts the best possible RDR2 experience in the meantime.

How do you feel about the possibility of multiple protagonists?


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