Red Dead Redemption 2 Should Bring Back The Rockstar Editor

The Wild West setting is a boon

When the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 was released, Rockstar introduced a new feature which allowed players to record gameplay footage, edit it, and export the video without having to use third-party programs. The so-called Rockstar Editor was fully integrated with the game, easy to use and highly accessible. Eventually, the Editor was made available on the current-gen consoles as well, meaning there really shouldn’t be anything preventing its integration into Red Dead Redemption 2, right?

When games attract large fan communities the creation of fan videos is more or less a given with or without integrated video editing tools. This is thanks to the wide availability of third-party programs which facilitate it. However, accessibility remains an issue as many fans are intimidated by video editing software and what they can sometimes misconstrue as a complicated process. The biggest advantage of the Rockstar Editor was that it opened up the realm of fan videos to players who would have never considered dallying with it in the first place.

Red Dead Redemption already garnered a massive fanbase among gamers and has its share of fan videos. However provided that RDR2 reaches a wider audience, and comes with an integrated video editor to boot, the number of content creators will increase. GTA 5 fans have put together some truly fantastic works in the past, so much so that Rockstar quite frequently held Editor contests with given themes, and awarded the best videos exclusive merchandise.

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Beyond merely being an awesome feature to boost the game’s value, the spread of fan-made content would be a great way to increase the game’s reach. Word of mouth popularity is something that contributed greatly to the success of GTA 5, and fan videos count towards this. Red Dead Redemption 2’s Wild West setting, coupled with improved visuals, makes it a great game to use as the basis of fan-made works.

The only downside is that lacking a PC release, we know for sure that the game won’t have any measure of mod support, thus limiting creators to what is presently available in the game. Many GTA 5 fan videos rely on mods to add all kinds of wacky props, effects and more to the game for the recording, however this opportunity won’t be present in RDR2.

It wouldn’t even be difficult to implement either. There isn’t much that needs to be changed with the current iteration of the Editor, and it’s already present on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so Rockstar could even just port it over as it is. In the meantime, we can always enjoy some of the Red Dead themed Rockstar Editor videos GTA 5 players have put together (with mods).

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