Red Dead Redemption Rebuilt With LEGO

If Rockstar isn't going to keep the hype alive for Red Dead Redemption 2 leave it to the fans to take over.

One particularly skilled person has taken it upon themselves to mash the game together with another widely popular hobby - LEGO. You might think that the adult themes present in Red Dead make it an ill fit with the plastic brick-based building toy, but this video might make you reconsider.

Brian Anderson is a YouTuber who has created other video game/LEGO mashups before (which haven't been officially made already, mind you) such as The Last Of Us.

His Red Dead Redemption take brings the ending of the previous game and dresses it all up in the style of the LEGO video games, specifically the newer iterations which introduced the cover mechanic absent from early classics.

Using the iconic HUD first introduced in 2005's LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game with the two character portraits in the two top corners and the stud bar in the top middle, recreating John Marston and his family as Lego minifigures, Anderson created an accurate reflection of what Red Dead would look if it were licensed.

The video adapts the ending of Red Dead Redemption and thus contains huge spoilers for the storyline, though Anderson adds his own twist to the events unlike what was shown in the game proper. He gives a nod towards the hit HBO series Westworld, a show which fans have already likened to Red Dead plenty of times.

While seeing Red Dead Redemption, serious and mature a game as it is, represented with Lego bricks and figures may seem strange, this sure is a remake we'd love to play.

I wonder if Anderson will make a Lego take on Red Dead Redemption 2 when it's finally released?


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