What Kind Of DLC Could Red Dead Online Get?

There are only so many breeds of horse to add

With its launch scheduled for slightly less than a year away, we still don’t know much about Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar hasn’t been forthcoming with information and so far all we have to go on is a few bits of promotional art, a cinematic pre-rendered trailer and about a paragraph’s worth of vague info (we’ve still got an awesome FAQ though!). What we do know, however, is that the game will contain an Online mode for multiplayer, and that said Online mode will receive DLC periodically.

But what could that DLC possibly contain? Fortunately – or not so fortunately, depending on your viewpoint – we have a pretty good idea of what to expect, at least in terms of structure. This is thanks to the multiplayer game that Red Dead Online will be based upon: GTA Online. The multiplayer portion of 2013’s massive hit title has been so successful for Rockstar that it’s pretty much a guarantee that RDO will be similar in many ways, and we suspect DLC will be among them.

Thing is, in GTA Online the content of the DLCs usually comes down to vehicles, weapons, game-mechanics and character customization items. In Red Dead Online, the team will run out of the first two options pretty quick. Vehicles weren’t really a thing back then in the modern sense, so it’s not like you can fill up a barn with customizable wagons and stagecoaches. In terms of weapons, tech was pretty rudimentary and you didn’t have a whole lot of variety, other than various manufacturers of revolvers. Sure, you had some specialized pieces and unique designs, but most were dysfunctional and rare, so Rockstar would quickly deplete history’s supply of potential weapon additions.

This leaves us with game-mechanics and character customization items. Of course, it might be that Red Dead Redemption 2 adds a ‘ranch’, or something that amounts to a horse garage. Perhaps could then buy different breeds of horse with different stats (like a donkey will be slower than a mustang) and ‘customize’ them by changing the color of their mane, and upgrading them with… better horseshoes and more comfortable saddles?

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Even if this is added, there are only so many breeds of horse that actually occurred in the Wild West and chances are all would be included in the base game anyway. This means that Red Dead Online will likely move on to major gameplay additions much earlier than GTA Online did. And Rockstar only started adding major gameplay changes about a year into GTA Online’s lifecycle.

But what kinds of DLC can we expect? Based on GTA Online’s model, each update will bring some kind of new optional mechanic that adds to the overall experience. Maybe one DLC will allow you to buy a farm and manage your animals and crops for more money, while another would allow you to start your own railroad company – both done illegally, of course. Another may add ‘hunting lodges’ which would expand on the default hunting gameplay with new animals and challenges.

What kind of DLCs do you expect to see in Red Dead Online?

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