Another UK Retailer Posts Supposed RDR2 Release Date

What is it with all these UK websites posting different dates?

Another day, another supposed Red Dead Redemption 2 release date leak from a UK retailer.

This time it’s that has RDR2 listed for pre-order with a “due for release” date of September 26, 2017. This particular date has two positives going for it: (1) it’s the last Tuesday of September (Tuesdays being the day of the week on which video games are generally released, at least in the US); and (2) it matches the “Fall 2017” time frame that we have been officially told the game will be released during. So far so good.

That said, we have covered numerous supposed release date leaks in the past and for some reason, all of them come from random UK retailers. is showing a release date of October 20 and was showing October 2 as the day to expect RDR2 to drop.

The 2nd of October is a Monday while the 20th is a Friday, so that instantly casts some doubt on those two sources. The LittleWoods anticipated date has also been replaced on their site with a “Sorry, the option you have selected is out of stock” message. GameSeek’s date remains, but again, that’s a Friday.

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Back to the latest “leak though” – is it time to plan in advance for September 26 to be an annual leave, “sick” or “work from home” day?

It would be nice, but we have little faith that this is the actual release date. Rockstar Games keep their leaks to a minimum and we would be highly surprised if this turned out legitimate.

But hey, even a broken clock is correct twice a day and we would love to be proven wrong. After all, September 26 would also mean that the game hasn’t been delayed, and as time continues marching on without a peep from Rockstar since the trailer, we get more and more nervous.

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