It's Been A Month Since Rockstar Promised More Info In "Coming Weeks"

The Red Dead fan community has weathered two delays and long bouts of radio silence from Rockstar Games, yet managed to maintain hype and excitement in the face of barely any information being provided about Red Dead Redemption 2.

When Rockstar announced the latest delay, they also stated that we'll get more info in "the coming weeks" - that was a month ago.

It was easy to get one's hopes up upon reading that announcement (aside from the actual delay of course!), as many games see pretty active and lively pre-release marketing, and Grand Theft Auto 5, Rockstar's previous release, though similar initially, also had a lot more hype material going for it.

The "coming weeks" statement felt like it would mark the end of the general "lack of info" that characterized the first year of waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 and that things would be kicked into gear.

Alas, after a month, there hasn't been a peep from Rockstar.

While we did receive a batch of new screenshots with each delay announcement and two trailers in total, that's not a lot to show for over a year of anticipation, and we're already almost half a year beyond the game's initial launch period.

To think that at one point we assumed we'd have been playing the game for months come today, and yet here we are knowing barely anything about it!

So what has been keeping the hype alive in the meantime? Even if a game is really popular, such persistent silence is bound to erode the excitement, right?

In the case of Red Dead Redemption 2, that's only partially correct. While the community interaction seen on forums and other discussion boards has decreased, it has only done so marginally, and engagement it still maintained. At the same time, the press is still all over the game producing a torrent of coverage of... nothing, really.

Something about the game is drawing people in with such attraction that even the lack of information from any official source isn't stimying the hype the game has accrued. While feeding off the fame and popularity of the previous title in the series, Red Dead Redemption from 2010, has undoubtedly helped, this is nonetheless unusual dedication from the fanbase.

In any case, we remain hopeful that "the coming weeks" does not refer to the very loose interpretation of that statement which could mean any amount of weeks between the announcement of the delay and the game's actual launch.

While saying "any day now" may ring hollow after all this time, it's still in Take-Two's and Rockstar's best interests to keep Red Dead Redemption 2 in the spotlight.


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