New Red Dead Redemption 2 Previews Imminent

According to an unverified claim related to a since-deleted image, Rockstar Games has been conducting a new round of Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay previews with select journalists, leading up to a new publicity wave.

The first part of the previous sentence should be warning enough to take this with a grain of salt, but let us stress that the evidence is suspect.

Someone claiming to be a games journalist (on an account lacking a real name, only a username, and no means of verifying the identity) stated that a new round of previews were held recently with the embargo on the resulting articles being lifted sometime in August. Additionally, images of officially licensed Red Dead Redemption 2 t-shirts and new store merch surfaced.

While the claim about the preview event is extremely shady, the merch and the shirt are backed by photographic evidence and worth talking about on their own. Retailers were sent promotional merchandise for Red Dead Redemption soon after the game was announced, however the design of this newer wave has changed.

The previous merch style.

It now shows key art of Arthur Morgan, details the recently revealed special edition bonuses and has a whole lot more black compared to the red-dominated art of the older materials.

Additionally, screens showing the game's trailers on loop have also been installed at several locations.

The t-shirt is a pretty plain piece, with no decoration beyond the word "Redemption" emblazoned on the front in the series' iconic typeface and a small logo patch on the back. It is about as simple as merchandise can get and one would think the designers could have put some cool art on the shirt if the people wearing it will essentially advertise the game for free, but you can bet that more elaborate prints will come later on.

When or how you can get one of those shirts is still a mystery. As for the preview rumor, we'll have to wait and see, it is time for more official news in any event!


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