Rockstar Games Teases New Red Dead Redemption 2 Reveal For Thursday

Rockstar may have missed the deadline which they themselves set earlier this year but we now know for certain that more updates are coming for Red Dead Redemption 2 on September 28th, Thursday, 11 AM eastern time.

The gaming community at large going ballistic for a few white letters on a red background shows what happens when one of the most anticipated upcoming games in the entire industry has only a single trailer and a batch of screenshots to show for itself nearly a year after being announced.

However, now fans are finally being given something concrete to look forward to. Rockstar's signature full radio silence may be viewed by some as eccentric, but it can also cause a lot of frustration for the people who are passionate about their titles. It's not just that we know nothing about the game, but we know nothing about why we know nothing, and we know nothing about when we'll stop knowing nothing.


A date and even an hour provided by the developers isn't, by itself, much, but it is more than nothing. We know something will be finally revealed come next Thursday. But what might it be?

However large or small the press release Rockstar is brewing, we're fairly certain there will be some video footage. While details about the game itself with written explanations are more useful for players (and us), visual media tends to work better when it comes to generating hype, and after such a long dry spell, that is probably the number one priority.

Considering Red Dead Redemption 2 is scheduled for Spring 2018, now is about time for bigger press releases from the developers which reveal gameplay specifics, story details and more. The time for the big articles which outline the various systems and mechanics of the game is here. Essentially, we haven't seen the game at all so far. That might be fitting for Rockstar's modus operandi, but when considering that many games accompany their announcement with some sort of gameplay footage, it isn't ideal.

With such a long period of time with so little by way of marketing, Rockstar really needs to ramp things up and get more press coverage going both online and in print. That requires screenshots and videos as well as detailed information. While we're not as optimistic as to expect a huge drop on Thursday, we do hope it's more than just a handful of screenshots!

Now let's just hope this doesn't get delayed to early October.


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