RDR Fans Might Want To Keep An Eye On Horizon Zero Dawn

Early impressions cite significant similarities

If you’re being consumed by the mounting anticipation for Red Dead Redemption 2 and have a PlayStation 4, Guerrilla Games just might have the thing to keep you occupied until Autumn comes around.

If you follow gaming news at all, chances are you’ve heard of a little game called Horizon Zero Dawn, a PS4 exclusive title that has been getting absolutely glowing reviews across the board. The title itself will be released in about two weeks time, but a number of retailers have broken the street date majorly and copies are already out in the wild.

The game in question is a sci-fi, post-apocalyptic open world game, but don’t think Fallout. It’s so post-apoc, that barely any signs of the calamity itself can be seen. The world isn’t an irradiated wasteland, but rather a lush wilderness where nature has once again taken control. Also, there are weird robot animals and some crazy sci-fi stuff going on, but hey, spoilers.

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All that said, in terms of gameplay, many players have drawn comparisons with Red Dead Redemption. The map variety, horse-riding, and various combat mechanics that are akin to hunting have allegedly instilled in players similar feelings as RDR did back in the day. Even though the setting is a far removed from the Wild West as you can get, the similarities are still there.

According to reviewers, Horizon also gets many of the same things right as where RDR excelled back in the day. The UI is great, the world vibrant and populated and the side activities are not pointless. Of course, there are some differences, like a crafting system and the fact that you won’t be gunning down hordes of opposing dudes who are more or less just like you which sometimes break the illusion. But there is enough in common between the two titles enough times to warrant the comparison. Essentially, Horizon is a modern RDR with a sci-fi skin and some deeper gameplay mechanics.

Unfortunately for fans of RDR2 who play on Xbox One, we don’t have any kind of similar substitute in the meantime. However, PlayStation 4 players should definitely check out Horizon Zero Dawn when it is released to tide them over until the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2. We’re all anticipating RDR2 greatly, but let’s not forget there is a great variety of fantastic other games out there too. Even if you don’t get RDR flashbacks, at least you’ll play a great title in the meantime!

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