Red Dead Redemption Fan Completes Game With Starting Pistol

This is dedication!

Red Dead Redemption 2 is still a very long way away and the possibly leaked release date doesn’t place it any closer. While there may be a handful of games which might tide you over until launch, many of those are still vastly different in terms of gameplay and might not suffice. What better way to get you through the waiting period, however, than to squeeze some more entertainment out of the original RDR?

One fan did just that, by conducting an experiment within the game: can it be completed using no weapon other than the starting pistol? Oh, the good old Cattleman Revolver, that shitty dirty gun that Marston starts the game with. The gun which only kills after scoring three torso shots in the later sections of the game. Yeah, that gun.

The player, who previously conducted a different experiment wherein walking was the only method of transportation he would use, took to Reddit to share his little experiment.

The conclusion? Yes, you can technically complete the game with just the Cattleman, with only three instances where other weapons are obligatory. There are two scripted Gatling gun sequences where you cannot let go of them and use your personal weapons, and one mission forces you to remain undetected, requiring the use of a single throwing knife.

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This playthrough with the Cattleman alone took the player, alexitalics, 10 hours of gameplay to complete. Though it must be said that he’s an extremely experienced Red Dead player with several playthroughs under his belt, and others attempting this might be in for a longer ride.

The possibility of completing the game with the weak Cattleman also brings attention to the fact that Red Dead Redemption isn’t exactly a hard game in terms of combat. Headshots generally kill enemies instantly, regardless of weapon strength, for example.

Have you ever played through Red Dead Redemption while imposing a special handicap on yourself?

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