Red Dead Redemption Being Modded Into GTA 5

It’s kind of like a PC release, but not quite

Bless the modding community. Would-be fans of Red Dead Redemption on PC who have been getting the cold shoulder since 2010 have something to look forward to courtesy of a group of modders who undertook the gargantuan task of porting the game over into GTA 5 as a mod.

It’s not quite a PC release, but it’s the closest thing discounting the PS Now streaming service, which we know many of you avoid on principle alone.

The team has been working on the mod for a good two years now and are currently trying to port over Red Dead Redemption’s map to Rockstar’s most recent major title. That said, the team are planning on a full port including the game’s missions and mechanics as well. Attempts have previously been made to transfer bits and pieces of RDR’s game mechanics, such as such as the witness system and the lasso, to Grand Theft Auto 5, but never the entire game.

The mod is still early on in development since for the majority of those two years there was only one guy working on it. The team is looking to expand their numbers with more programmers and scripters to port mechanics like Dead Eye targeting, for example. They are working with a unique proprietary toolset called “.White” which is intended to work with games built on Rockstar’s RAGE engine, such as Red Dead Redemption and GTA 5.

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Since RDR was only ever released on consoles, modding it is a little bit harder than it would have been if a PC version of the game was available. If everything goes according to plan, the team will be releasing the first playable beta version this summer. So far all we have are screenshots, but a trailer is coming we’re told.

Seeing as Rockstar looks to be pretty adamant about not porting Red Dead Redemption to PC and the PS Now streaming service having the issues it does, this might be the only chance keyboard players have to experience the journey of John Marston first-hand, which is definitely a step up from watching let’s plays on Youtube.

e’ll be paying close attention to the development of this mod and providing updates along the way.

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