Spring 2018 Release Estimate Removed From Red Dead Redemption 2 Site

We're just a few hours away from the big Red Dead Redemption 2 press release stream Rockstar teased some time ago, and the changes to the game's official online presence have already begun, though they are pretty minor and easy to miss. However, they are indicative of what to expect during the stream itself.

The new site, without the release date's estimate.

Red Dead Redemption 2's official website has been pretty bare, with just the announcement artwork, a few paragraphs of vague description, the announcement trailer and links to pre-order the game. In addition, there was an estimate for the release date plastered across the site, stating that the game will be coming in Spring 2018 (which is the second estimate following the game's delay).

Today, the website went through a minor change - the release estimate is gone. The site no longer professes the game to be coming in the Spring of 2018, which means one of two things. Today's stream will either reveal a concrete release date, or it will bring with it news of yet another delay.


Red Dead Redemption 2 hasn't been overmarketed, to say the least. Rockstar has a tendency to do things differently, and conduct the marketing of their games in a rather eccentric manner. However, the way they handled Red Dead Redemption 2 up until this point is odd even by their standards, with the absolute minimum effort put into gaining publicity. Even when compared with the pre-release schedule of their previous big title, Grand Theft Auto 5, things seem slow.

The old site.

This general lack of information or communication from the developers led many to fear a second delay is coming, and the fact that we'll get a major press release today doesn't change that possibility. We're seriously hoping it doesn't happen of course.

Whatever comes of the stream, we do know that something will change about the release estimate. It may get more specific, or it might get pushed out. Keep your eyes on our feed as we will be covering the 11:00 AM ET press event as it happens.


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